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multifamily investing

About Us


Ackerman Investments is a boutique investment firm acquiring multifamily housing communities. Our focus is on recession resistant properties that provide opportunities for force appreciation and strong cash flow, while enriching the quality of life in our communities and maximizing investor returns.



Targeting assets that provide a steady and predictable stream of income. Those of which offer immediate cash flow and opportunity for increasing cash flows.


By making property enhancements and driving operational efficiencies, we maximize profits and greatly increase the value of the property. 


We pinpoint areas on a national level to find underperforming opportunities in strong submarkets that are experiencing economic growth and market appreciation.


Acquisition Process

Our criteria creates a foundation of value by taking each potential investment through an extensive underwriting process before going under contract. A thorough analysis of the market is performed to avoid pitfalls and find underpriced and undermanaged acquisitions. 

Asset Management

We go in with a strong understanding of business plan execution to deliver attractive stabilized assets through operations. While increasing revenue and lowering costs, we implement our Resident Retention Program by providing affordable housing and enhancing the quality of the community. 


To determine an optimal exit strategy (e.g. refinance, sale) we stay up to date on current market conditions, maintain contact with market participants, and evaluate refinance options to help maximize exit value based on specific market conditions. 

Partner with us. 

Ackerman Investments strives to deliver best-in-class operations. Our investments are thoughtfully selected to meet strong risk-adjusted and tax-advantaged returns. If you are interested in discussing how we can work together, please complete the form below. 

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