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About Us. 


With a background of nearly a decade in the real estate industry from new construction to remodeling,  property management, and a licensed broker, Mekayla Ackerman has combined the areas of expertise over the years to start a real estate investment firm. Today she leads the firm with deal flow, underwriting, acquisitions, and operations. 


Due to recent events of the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates creating volatile markets, we are implementing ultra-conservative strategies to withstand market turbulence. This includes rigorously stress testing our underwriting assumptions, buying higher quality assets, low leverage, and extended hold time. 

Our criteria for investment is ensuring an asset has the ability to create cash flow substantially over and above its cost to own and appropriately operate (e.g. bookkeeping, R&M). Following this rule creates immediate returns for investors through cash flow while also positioning the asset for sustainability in any market cycle.

Our ability to identify operational inefficiencies allows for maximizing the properties potential resulting in driving the property's valuation. Increasing revenue can look like raising rents to market, adding amenities, and improving the asset's overall appearance. Areas to reduce expenses include adding efficient lighting, replacing ineffective management, and eliminating unnecessary bills. 

We maintain and work with industry experts who specialize in various aspects of real estate throughout the entire acquisition process. Our partnerships with trusted tax, insurance, legal, and accounting professionals help execute from the time we are under contract to disposition.  

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